Thursday, December 08, 2005

Meredith is Calling

I would like to thank you for being the kind of people who read the strange, useless, mildly amusing, narcissistic flavor of retardation that I type onto this blog.

I will miss you while I am gone for three days tearing it up at Meredith. And if you are that person I spoke with in person today, I would like to apologize for spinning your head around, making you blush and imploding your brain all at once.

What can I say, I'm mysterious.

The Award-winning has asked me to conduct an interview with 5 Australians. So if anybody would like to avail themselves for an in-person interview that would be Cool and the Gang with me.

My editor is a raging fucking lunatic who likes to jab her employees in the eyes with lit cigarettes. Other times she's not in such a jovial mood. Like the time I turned in my article 45 minutes late and she tore out my left kidney and stuffed it down my throat. It's cool though because she sometimes apologizes afterwards.

Now I must get my party energy sleep for Meredith. Pray to the heathen spirits that I return smiling and unscathed. Actually mildly scathed would be even better.

hippie hugs,



fluffy said...

BEVIS and Quirkie: please be kissing my cyber grits.

BEVIS said...

Hehehe ... very good, Fluffy! That made me laugh.

Yes, this is a game anyone can play.

Until Kranki kicks us out.

BEVIS said...

Um, Kranki - you're in Australia now. You'll have to start spelling words the proper way, such as 'apologise' with an S.

sublime-ation said...

And are you really posting at 4.30 am or have you not changed your blog clock yet?
Although the spelling thing is a far more serious offence.

Minerva said...

I really like the way you write.. and please..sort the spelling..


Quirkie said...

Dear Meredith,
I don't know who you are, young lady, but Krankiboy needs to come home right now.

And by home, I mean here. Cybernetically.
That's all.
Quirk out.

sophistikfool said...

YOU'RE STILL WITH MEREDITH! Hell, this lady must have the goods, but your little foolish baby is getting jealous and might get kranky, because I still didn't get linked from your krankiness and I gave you a link as soon as you asked me! PFT!!!

Minty Twat said...

You're here?!?

Blow me down.

kranki said...

Hi, I like the letter "Z" it is not a ZED. It is a Z and more earth-people spell things American style than your perverted twisted way. Language changes over time and when America eventually buys Australia and turns into into a Gigantic Wal-Mart store or some a humungous theme park you'll all have to do as Uncle Sam says. Sez.

BEVIS said...

Go home Yank.