Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Oversharing, Drizzling and Dreams.

So lately I have been on either the giving or the receiving end of a few email overshares. I have shared a bit too much with some people who probably didn't need to know what twisted and irrelevant thought popped into my head. I have also received a few emails that range from, I want you to be my new best friend (WTF?) to I want you to know that I may have been molested as a child. I would like to say that if anybody wishes to overshare with me please indicate that it is an overshare in the subject header. I will be taking extra precautions to avoid oversharing with any of you good and wholesome pagan people.

I spent the morning with some of my favorite Aussies in a light to mild drizzle of rain. We went to see some truly excellent art by um... Fred Williams and um... the other guy who does the colorful impressionist landscapes of the outback and um... it was pretty. I got to explore parts of downtown Melbourne and purchased a brand spanking new tent for the low low price of just 39 Australian Dollars. It is phat it is bright green and it is all mine. Why? Because we Americans are selfish fuckers and like big things. Nice and spacious for me to sprawl out. I swung by fluffy's place of work which counts towards Take A Seppo To Work Day and I immediately sprawled out on a bean bag chair thingie after scoping out her coworker-who, although cute, wasn't my type.

By this time I was thoroughly worn out and had to called in to cancel with my keeper (Ukulele) as my energy level went from low to no. Now its begun to rain heavily and I am going to relax and enjoy the soothing sound as it takes me off to the land of unconsciousness where penguins tend bar making frosty martinis, lizards can breakdance and every now and then I am able to fly.

So tell me about your dream and I (because I am inexplicably good at it) shall interpret your dream for you. The more details you provide the better my analysis will be.

What is that you say? You didn't have any dreams that you can remember? Well then fucking make something up and I'll tell you if it's bullshit or not. Just remember to be specific.

Has anybody here in Melbourne got any glow stuff or lanterns or light sticks or flashy lights that I can use to pimp my tent? A faux fur throw rug? Portable hot tub? Welcome mat? Comfy Pillows? Sleeping Bag? Crap, I forgot my bed roll at the store, I'll have to go back again. God only knows what else I might buy.


BEVIS said...


Eat that, Quirkie! ...

BEVIS said...

Sorry, Kranks, that was rude.

My dream is a recurring dream which features seven healthy cattle grazing by a river. Seven sickly-looking cattle approach them from behind and eat them whole. What does it mean?

Another dream I have involves an American tourist trying to make his new tent look attractive to the ladies, but one of the electric lights he installs causes the thing to catch on fire and he perishes in a fiery blaze through the night. Any clues as to the message behind that one?

Finally, I have a dream in which all men are created equal. Am I just dreamin'?

(Note: In this last dream, there is no mention of women. They are possibly the serving class; I'm not really sure.)

elaine said...

..so will you be my best friend?

I had a dream once where I was running away from the decepatacons and I came to the edge of a towering cliff and so, with nowhere else to run, I morphed into a little egg with yellow wings and flew away.

Those beanbags at fluffy's work are gooood.

fluffy said...

I had a dream last night where I was trying to force chunks of raw meat down the insinkerator (garbage disposal) and it all got jammed. I wondered whether I would have to get a repair person to come and fix it and whether it would all be rotten and maggoty in there by the time it was sorted out. When I got up this morning and knocked the coffee grounds into the sink I was certain the insinkerator wouldn't be working and that's when I remembered my dream.

sublime-ation said...

Wait, you went to The Centre of the Universe tm and looked at Fred without me?
Shame on you peoples.

Quirkie said...

Oh for heavens' sake.

You leave the computer for a micro second. I'm fast learning that it simply does not pay to have a life outside of the Blogdom.

Anyway. This is a recurring one. I'm on a beach, near sandhills. I see a tidal wave coming, and I try to scramble up the sandhill, usually dragging one or more of my kids with me. I used to wake up before it hit, but now I find myself going under. I always survive, though.

Speak, oh sagaceous one.

BEVIS said...

Do the kids survive? Or are they just so much extraneous detail?

Sorry to enquire, but I find myself interested.

Maybe the waves are trying to tell you that you're late to leave a comment on Kranki's blog and they're doing their best to hurry you up?


kranki said...

Mind you it's much easier to do dream analysis when you know the events going on in the person's life and don't have to guess what the people and objects in the dream represent.

I can do better with more details but here goes...

First Bevis' cow dream. I think that the cows represent nurturing and stability in you life and that the fact that seven sickly cattle suddenly devoure them suggests that you are concerned that the nurturing stability that exists in your life could suddenly disapper without warning. It is an anxiety dream about a relationship in your life, possibly a mother or wife.

Elaine's dream about feeling trapped by the Decepticons is also anxiety based. I believe that your unconscious mind chose Decepticons because they are ever-changing in shape and appearance. This seems like it could be related to a feeling that the confusion of life has you trapped, but in the end rather than stand and fight you choose to adapt to survive which is your mind telling you that can escape a confusing situation that could involve a confrontation. A little yellow egg suggests a kind of rebirth where you are able to adapt and recreate your approach to what was an otherwise daunting situation.

Quirkie: The water could represent a cleansing or purification. But I don't really have enough to go on but it is interesting to note that you have gone from being fearful to surviving the wave. How do you survive the wave, are you afraid what else do you see. Is your footing solid and do you feel guilt that you are not able to get your children out of harms way? Is it always the same child or does it vary? I suspect that in the dream you are actually the child. But it's not enough to go on.

Fluffy has an interesting dream. Forcing chunks of meat down the garbage disposal.

No, I think that the meat represents potential since the meat is raw and is potential food that is being wasted. So wasted potential that is so abundant that even if some of it is wasted and put down the garbage disposal it can't be ground up easily because it's strong. The part about waiting for somebody to come and fix the disposal is interesting. Maybe you are waiting for some external events to help you avoid having this
The disposal may also represent a difficult process that you want to be solved sooner rather than later so that you don't feel that the meat becomes decayed or rots. Maybe you need to take the initiative in a situation and call on the external repair person rather than just allowing the problem to sit and linger and rot away in your sink.

The meat could also be something negative that you need help removing from your life but aren't taking the obvious steps (calling the repair person) The decay is the key part of the dream for me. Pipes often represent our souls in dreams and yours is clogged and it's up to you to take the action to unclog your soul or emotions.

That's what Dr. Kranki says of the top of my head. I wish I had the patience to be a psychologist but at the time my wife didn't think that I'd be able to do it. I agreed with her and I chose to pursue a masters in teaching instead.

I miss being in the classroom, I like having the kids there to entertain me.

Quirkie said...

Bevis: the kids somehow survive, I think. I've usually got hold of the little one, the middle one's missing, and the oldest one has to fend for herself... oh dear. Maternal guilt kicks in. I think I can interpret that one for myself.
Krank: Sometimes I can breathe under water. That's about the time I figure I must be dreaming, but that doesn't make me wake up. Yeah, I feel guilty, or more panicky, that I can't save them all at once. The main element of the dream is being overwhelmed, being totally defenceless. How's that for an over-share :)

fluffy said...

Kranki, your analysis was amazing and I'd say very accurate. I had no idea this was one of your talents!

In my dream the thing about the repair person is that I know that the probem won't fix itself but I procrastinate by wondering whether I can fix it on my own. The truth is I wouldn't even know where to start but hate calling for help all the same.