Sunday, December 11, 2005

I made it back. Some fun observations in no particular order because my brain is still unable to do that type of mental heavy lifting at the moment.

Stuff that happened:

People all asked if I was Canadian when they heard my accent. I discovered that it was because Canadians get angry if you mistake them for Americans and Americans get mad when they find out that Canadians don't like them.

I rode on a band's roving bus as the very messy both mental and physically people

Saw a woman climb a tree no thicker than my arm, perch herself there and then manage to light a igrac -- cigarette..

More later so tired... Eyes are actually closing as I try to type this.

It might have been those last five beers. Or perhaps the five I had after that.

just woke up after dozing off at the computer. Time for bed.


BEVIS said...


BEVIS said...

I'm not 100% sure that this bit made much sense:

"I rode on a band's roving bus as the very messy both mental and physically people"

But then again, considering how the post ended, I guess it's fair enough.

Your point about the American/Canadian thing is very true, though. True to the point of amusing.

It's equivalent to Americans trying to do Australian accents and either sounding like a Kiwi, a Cockney Londoner, or even a South African. Or sometimes a combination of two or three of them.

We have the 'benefit' of growing up listening to the American accent on most of our TV shows and movies; whereas the Australian accent is still fairly rare to American ears. This is why they're all so constantly amazed that our actors (and English actors, such as Hugh Laurie in House) can fool American TV execs and audiences whereas their immitations of our accent make us scoff angrily.

Anyway, I'm glad to ... um ... assume that you had a good time in Meredith! :)

Quirkie said...

Not wanting in any way to appear to be in competition with emerald amphibian, I leisurely, and magnanimously, welcome back the young American, and inquire as to his health. Not the amphibian's, the American's.

Also, I agree. With the frog, not the yank. What the Sam Hill are you rabbiting on about, boy? Are you telling us that you were parading about trying to pass yourself off as a messy and physical, gramatically challenged, multiple-personality?

Buck Fudd said...

Sounds like you got nciely fucked up. Well done.

Tuppence said...

Good to hear you had a nice time.

Now that Victoria holds nothing more for you, when are you coming to Sydney?

davethescot said...

glad you made it back safe and sound you saucy wench. Catch up for mead soon, aaaaarggggghhh.

kranki said...

Worst post ever. Kranki come home.

love - Krankiboy