Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I ain't afraid of no bat

I got to watch Ghostbusters under the moonlight at an outdoor cinema. Nice big cushion tons of snack food, some bitch pop aka peeler for drinks. My panties stayed on sadly. While watching Ghostbusters there were enormous actual bats flying overhead. I know it's supposed to be "good luck" when a bird s on you, but what does it mean when a bat drops a load of guano on your arm? I considered keeping it, but in the end it's just poop really. High protein insect poop.

Rejected topics that I didn't post about.

- King Kong was spectacular.

- Don't buy batteries at a discount store.

- The Sydney Aquarium Gift Shop has inadequate security for the likes of an artful dodger like myself. Let's just say that a few stuffed platypuses... platipusi? Plata ? Whatever, oh... and a wombat were set free from the gift shop.

Got word that my friend just got into Melbourne and is going to be leaving town soon. I also want to meet his niece who has been scientifically calculated to be adorable. I promised him we'd meet up so I'm cutting my Sydney trip short and headed back to my home away from home. I just booked a flight. I hope the Fits hasn't given my room away yet.

I hope it's not so -boilingly hot down in Melbs. So it will be a kranki kristmas in Melbourne after all.

Let me know if you want to buy a scrawny American boy breakfast or a beer. Sydney has used up lots of those pretty colored pictures that they pretend are money here.


Sherriff said...

Eh eh eh? when you back wha? SOON?

*stumbles through hallway trying to put pants on and cover erection*

*forgets to switch off national geographic video* was...what...this thing? we call them...

Oh fuck it.

BEVIS said...


Ahem. At least our money is disabled-people-friendly. Yours are all the same size and colour, whereas blind (or otherwise disabled )people in Australia can tell what notes they're holding (or glancing at, as the case may be). Much better for speedy transactions and consumer not-being-ripped-off-ed-ness.

Plus, your useless paper notes rip and perish a lot quicker than our shiny plasticky notes. And if ours accidentally go through the wash, they're still okay afterwards.

I'm heading to Sydney tomorrow at 3am (driving up the Hume Highway), which means you and I will be like ships passing in the night, Kranki.

Only with fewer drunk captains at the helm (with the exception of the pilot of your flight - airline pilots are always drunk on Australian domestic flights; I think it's the law).

Safe travels and Merry Christmas!

daniel said...

What?! Damn you and your brief Sydney stay.


gun street girl said...

It will most likely be blisteringly hot down here in melbourne as well, but it with be interspersed with frightening rainstorms, so it all balances kinda...


davethescot said...

have a great christmas kranki, and welcome back to m-town

Anna A Spades said...

My hometown is even hotter than Sydney. Everyone talks about the weather...


I really hope I get to return to Melbourne to see you again before you leave. Good to hear you're having a stellar time. Have a Krankilicious Christmas and make a point of telling everyone who'll listen that where you come from, there's SNOW. I am so over summer.

xx Anna.

Chai said...

Came here to wish u a merry xmas but was distracted by Anna's announcement that she's in heat... or is the expression on-heat? Never mind. Merry Xmas.