Friday, September 02, 2005

Mass Destruction & Mass Retardation

I am up late reading up on the madness that is taking place in Louisiana.

Thank goodness the President made an address to calm the nation.

PrezAdent: "We gotta conserve. If you don't need gas then don't buy it."

We're in good hands people.

So looting, raping and shooting at military and medical people. I don't know about looting and raping. But I'd probably shoot at them too if it had been 4 days of living next to a giant septic tank with babies dying, no food or water or promised busses. And now police in those areas are turning in their badges in record numbers.

I feel sympathy for the people who have lost everything. I do. However, when you know a devastating 150 mph storm is coming towards you for several days and there is a statewide evacuation and it's been less than a year after a Tsunami ripped through the Pacific killing over half a million people... Unless you're a baby or a pet I have to ask why didn't you get the fuck out?

Don't worry, the Prezadent is gonna fly over in a plane again to survey the damage a second time.

Isn't that like the fuckwads who see an accident on the road and slow down to see if there are any dead bodies but don't get out to help.

Until I see Bush wearing hip boots and handing out bottles of Evian water to the refugees he can go fuck himself.

And anybody who takes advantage of a crisis to steal, rape, or hurt others should be ground up, cooked and eaten.

It will be interesting to see who gets rich off of this human tragedy. Bush cut short his stay at his Texas Ranch two days after the storm hit. Too little, too late. That pretty much sums up the federal response to the disaster.

Now, thanks to my friend Molly, I offer some visual distraction from the insanity.


Alistair! said...

Y'know, I thought the same thing. In such an advanced nation as the U.S.of fucking A, with a whole heap of warning beforhand 1) tthe Government didn't have an evacution plan, and 2) Nobody moved, no one even thought about getting out of the way of the storm. What a bunch of dickwads! I mean, if you see a truck carrening towards you, do you wait for it to run you over?

fluffy said...

PrezAdent: "We gotta conserve. If you don't need gas then don't buy it."

You know he has a point. My secret shame, and I think I speak on behalf of most of us, is that under the cover of night I often steal away to the gas station and buy up large quantities of gas for no good reason.

I know I have a problem but I feel powerless to stop myself. Everyday I tell myself "Don't go buying gas unnecessarily!", but by midnight I find myself in a zombie trance filling up 44 gallon drums on the back of my truck. Then I hide them in an alley only to go and do it again.

I'm hurting our country but I can't seem to kerb my terrible obsession. I'm going to say a prayer now for all the little babies in Louisiana.


fluffy said...

Toughest motherfucker in New Orleans.

BEVIS said...

I love Cats in Sinks!

giggles said...

I direct your attention to this story in the New York Times. Here is a very revealing quote:

Brian Wolshon, an engineering professor at Louisiana State University who served as a consultant on the state's evacuation plan, said little attention was paid to moving out New Orleans's "low-mobility" population - the elderly, the infirm and the poor without cars or other means of fleeing the city, about 100,000 people.

At disaster planning meetings, he said, "the answer was often silence."

I strongly, strongly disagree with the blame-the-victim mentality that seems to afflict some people, including members of our own government. We're not a nation of nothing but picket fences, 2.4 healthy well-fed children, and at least one SUV in every driveway. The mayor of New Orleans ordered everyone to evacuate the city, but if you don't own a car, you don't have the cash for a bus or train or plane ticket (or you do, but every outgoing bus/plane/train is full), or you're an invalid or shut-in of any sort, how are you supposed to follow the mayor's order? Those people had the choice of either riding it out and hoping for the best, or taking refuge in the Superdome, and look at how well that worked out.

I mean, if you're tied to the train tracks and the train's on the way, you certainly want to get out of the way, you just lack the means.

And in any case, I think this is irrelevant. Our government is supposed to have a plan to evacuate major cities before and after huge disasters like this, and a scenario where New Orleans gets flooded out by a hurrican was the #1 most likely to occur large-scale natural disaster in America. So while it's unlikely that even under the best of circumstances every last person could have been evacuated, there should have been a plan for getting them out immediately afterwards. That's why we have agencies like FEMA, and those agencies fell asleep on the job.

kranki said...

Giggles: You make a good point about those who did not have the means to evacuate. I was referring to the able bodied people who had the means to leave and chose to stay behind. There is an arrogance towards and ignorance of the dangers we are living in. This "It won't happen to me" attitude is what killed many who chose not to evacuate.

BEVIS said...

Sure, ... but I love Cats in Sinks!

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