Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Certain things will remain a mystery. Posted by Picasa


Sherriff said...

Oh well that's just fucking asking for trouble.

*calls lawyer*

Sherriff's Lawyer said...

*ring ring*

Ah! The happiest sound of them all!

*answers phone*

Hello, Dancing Queen Law Services, Mama Mia speaking. Oh, hello Sherriff. Say what? He did? Well, we'll just see about that!

*hangs up phone*

*wrings hands with greedy glee*

Money, money, money!




*Sherriff's Lawyer reveals himself to be ... *

BEVIS said...

... ME!

(Knowing me, knowing you.)


Anna A Spades said...

I think it's cool that the B's are in different directions. It makes the word even more palindromical than just being a palindrome. But I also think I don't get out enough.

*gets a life*

Jellyfish said...

At school I was once in an Abba tribute band.

*gets a life*

BEVIS said...

My sister, her husband, Wifey and I once dressed up as ABBA and sang a parody of Dancing Queen at my brother's music-themed 21st, centred around him being an actor (it was amusingly titled 'Drama Queen', and was actually hilarious - if I do say so myself*).

I was the bearded dude. It was strangely liberating.

* And I do.

You've Got What I Need... said...

ABBA's shorter fifth member suffocated on leather fringe during that photo shoot. I saw it on "Behinds The Music."

kranki said...

umm.... really? I don't believe any of you except Jelly.

BEVIS said...

Mine's true. I swear it.