Monday, September 26, 2005

First Grade Friday

I had a one day sub job for a rambunctious first grade class last Friday. By the end of the 6 hour day I truly felt as if I had put in an entire week of work. I must say that the crap that kids learn in first grade is really freaking boring. Spelling Dot, hot, pot, got, and the bonus word... "you."

There was one little kid who took any opportunity to comment on anything anybody said. Motor Mouth. MM for short. He also like to tell me about his "adventures."

MM: "And Mr. Kranki, the other day I saved the airport from the bad guys and went with the firemen after it exploded."

Me: "Really, that's impressive. Cool."

MM: "And after it all exploded... it exploded again, like, 16 times!"

Me: "How does something explode 16 times? Once it explodes isn't that usually it?"

MM: "Yeah, it was dangerous and explody but I helped the firemen and policemen."

Me: "That's good that you didn't explode."

MM: "Yeah they made me a special protection suit so I could wear it for stopping explosions."

Me: "How come I didn't hear about the airport exploding on the news?"

MM: "(long pause, thinks) Because we saved it. And all the people who almost died... didn't die."

Me: "That makes you a brave hero."

MM: "Yay, I know. They thanked me. Plus they gave me a lot of the special airport money."

Me: "So it sounds like it was a really good movie?"

MM: "Yeah it was... No, it wasn't a movie. Because I did it."

Me: "Wow. I think you fight crime better than most sixth graders I know."

MM: "Yeah, I do."


MelbourneGirl said...

kranki, i'm glad the kid obviously didn't notice the sarcasm. you did a good job.

by the way, i have got spanglish out on dvd. will get back to you with my impressions...

so wait up for that, won't you.

BEVIS said...

I was about to leave a comment about how cute that story was, but more importantly:

Hey! What's MG doing back in the blogsphere?! It's great to see you back in some form, but I thought you were on sabbatical!

(My apologies if you've been popping in and out of everyone's blogs - this is the first I've seen you around for a while.)

Oh, wow. Yay! I just visited your blog, and you posted something less than two hours ago. I'm giddy.

I'm going to go off and read it now.

... oh, sorry Kranki ... um, ... you're good, too ..

kranki said...

I just assumed that Melbourne girl was busy watching Spanglish 40 or 50 times in an attempt to find something redeeming about it.

kranki said...

I'm going to go on the record as being the person to coin the term "Blogaphile."

BEVIS said...

Oi, you!

I'd like some answers to my questions, please.

Thank you.

MelbourneGirl said...

hello boys

well. to answer your question bevis. i did take time off. i was going to try to make it longer, but i got sucked back in. i am grappling with being a blogjunkie, can i coin THAT term?

kranki. watched spanglish last night. only once. it wasn't what i expected. and yes, if i looked back at your previous posting which talked about it, i wouldn't disagree with anything. tea was so rex, and adam was like a zombie. i did however think the two daughters were good, except the spanish one got a little overthetop a couple of times. her mother was annoying. um, so that's it.

anything you can recommend as GOOD?

ciao for now

BEVIS said...

Try The Muppet Movie!


(Perfect for a nine-year-old ...)

kranki said...

I have been watching LOST on DVD season one and it's pretty damn good television.

On the movie recommendation front.... I'll get back to ya.

Thanks for hating things that I hate too.

Wende said...

First graders are such liars.