Sunday, July 03, 2005

This Week's Magic Combo

You have those weeks in life where the same events seem to happen a few times and etch themselves into your memory. Sometimes it's nice to remember those memories by combining a couple of the events with a snappy alliterative title. It's much easier to recall these special times by giving them a charming name.

For instance:

"Say, darling, do you remember our trip to Nappa Valley?"

"Yes, and we picked those daisies under a gorgeous sunset. It was the weekend of Wine and Wildflowers."

Well, I personally will always remember this 4th of July Weekend as "The Weekend of Disturbing Dreams and Dogarrhea."

Dog - noun. A domesticated carnivorous mammal, Canis Familiaris, raised in a wide variety of breeds.

Diarrhea - noun. Pathologically excessive evacuation of watery feces.

Happy Fourth of July Weekend! Unless you're not a proud American. If that is the case that please have an adequate unit of leisure time.

What's your Week's Magic Combo! Is it Frisbee and Friends? Concerts and Car Crashes? Strawberries, and Straight Jackets? Marshmallows and Manslaughter? Is it Karate and Kittens? Is it Heroin, Handjobs and Homelessness?



Freelancer said...

Mansions and massages.

angela said...

Rooftops, congestion, contaminated water-induced diarrhea, and unemployment!

Yeah, NYC had a "boil only" alert for the tap water, but they didn't do enough publicity for it.

Anna A Spades said...

Internet lovers and Italian food.

I spent the weekend canoodling on various public transports just so the whole world could know I am in love.

'p' is for profound said...

camping, canoeing, sun, sand, nude beaches and beer.