Saturday, July 23, 2005

Manic Moods

God my emotions are up and down. I'm a manic little freak. Depressed yesterday, jubilant tonight. None of the bigger name actors that my friend the talent rep (it sounds better than manager) has on her client list were at her birthday party last night. Her big TV client had already left by the time Penny and I got there. I wanted some A list spotting to share with my peeps. In a strange turn of events I did not get hammered and "stinking drunk" as I had proclaimed that I would. There was a major obstacle to getting properly sauced. You see the party was at the 'W' hotel and I think that the 'W' must stand for Wealthy or Wicked expensive or What-the-fuck, cuz the drinks there cost 11 dollars each. Yes, one drink. So financially I was hampered from getting wasted. I hope I didn't let anybody down. Actually the 'W' probably stands for Wannabe. Because the people there are desperate to be important. Even the outside patio was rank with the thick smell of shallow ambition. But at least the girls wear nice and low cut dresses since they want to be noticed and also due to the heat wave we are having here.

Tonight was Japanese BBQ - and it was very good. That beef was motherfucking M& M tender. Melted in my mouth not in my hands. Woot! Sorry, I'm listening to trip hop and it seems to have infiltrated into this post a bit. For the same price as three drinks at the 'W'annabe Hotel I enjoyed a big old meal of beef, shrimp, wine, a mai tai, a beer. I may have to put it on the hit list for when my Platonic Aussie Lover comes to town.

I don't know what the weekend has in store, but if it's been anything like the last 24 hours it will be fantastic and awful and wonderful and depressing and inspiring... oh I forgot to mention that my shiny little Penny is taking me with her to yoga class tomorrow. That should be interesting. Krankiboy in yoga class. I wonder which leotard I should wear, the lavender or the baby blue.

Is it narcissistic to refer to myself in the third person? I genuinely want to know. Normally it's a right reserved for Rock Stars, Pro Athletes and Mobsters. I am none of those. I wish I could be all three at the same time. A thrilling last minute shot to win the game in overtime, a frenzied crowd of cheering fans calling me out for a third encore and somebody on call to kill people who cross me. Now that I'd sell my soul for. My sugar high from the peach pie I had for dessert is fading. I think I'm gonna go with the baby blue. Lavender is kinda gay. I wouldn't want that to distract from me dazzling the ladies with my yoga skill. You know what they say, the more flexible the more sexable. Ech. Nobody outside of a movie set in a 1980's fraternity would ever say that. I have no idea why I just wrote that. I apologize to you and your family, friends and anybody you might meet today.


Buck Fudd said...

Definately baby blue.

So who were some of the small name actors at the event? We need any vicarious thrill we can get. Anything'll do.

Jellyfish said...

My younger brother, the Boy Wonder, is prone to falling in love with the girls at his yoga class, none of whom he ever has the guts to actually speak to. When I asked him what was so good about them, he just shook his head and whispered, 'Bendy.'

Adam said...

The Chad also referred to himself in the third person.

kranki said...

The Chad from Weird Science? The older brother?

kranki said...

Jelly, I didn't fall in love with any of the girls in class. Can I adopt the Boy Wonder as a younger cousin and teach him how to talk to women. If I could play guitar the girls... I'd... I would have... man.

All he has to say is "Hi, I'm the Boy Wonder, who is your favorite yoga instructor here?" I guess confidence it 90% of it. I was really hoping he could convert one of the Christian cuties.

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