Tuesday, February 14, 2006

No More Hell?

Okay, I have been holding onto this for a long time now.

I was waiting to use it in case I died and got sent someplace boring, like, purgatory, or heaven.

But then I discover that
Hell is no more. Gasp!

So wracked my brain for some other way to pass the time, now that my favourite home away from home isn't serving up fresh debauchery and introspection.

First I considered this.

Too labor intensive.

Then this.

Stimulating yes. But too invasive.

So, then I considered doing these...

Too good to be true.

This looked exciting...

But far too dangerous.

This is always a popular pastime.

Too costly for my brain cells and my wallet.

Perhaps I could rediscover my love of hot glueing things on bras and sending them to strange bloggers in NYC.

Beautiful, yes. But too creepy.

I considered collecting nifty comic books. Like this one.

Those wacky nuns. What zany mischief are they into now?

Too juvenile.

In the end I decided to just relax and go for a nice swim to clear my head.

Yes! The Majestic L.A. River was just what I needed to feel dirty and impure. Plus, every time I look upon it, it will always remind me of a cesspool in Hell.

This one's dedicated to you, Sherriff. We'll miss your words.


elaine said...

That river does look nice. Even nicer than some of the stretches of the moonee ponds creek

fluffy said...

is that where the filmed the drag race scene from Grease?

Quirkie said...

Nah, its from Terminator II where they trashed that truck.

kranki said...

Kids, why not see it for yourselves. I'd be happy to conduct an LA River rafting tour. Just bring your hazmat suit and prepare to do alot of dragging of the raft.