Sunday, February 26, 2006

More Anonymous Wisdom

The one I call AMCA (Anonymous Mighty Comment Author)

Has been kind enough comment on the comments made about his original comment.

At Sat Feb 25, 11:49:34 PM, Anonymous said...
I hope my comments are not discredited merely by ridicule from one of the throngs of clones that infect Planet Earth. Real people are interested and want to know more. Clones ridicule and shun AS DIRECTED!!!

I agree with you. Clones do ridicule and shun as directed. There are far too many clones and shallow husks of mindless sheep grazing on the grass of ignorance. These sheep need to separated from the "Real people" like myself and the vast majority of my readers. My readers and I want to know more.

The Simpsons refers to them in a Helloween episode and Groening gives his commentary of their value as well.Women who violate "god"'s will by getting abortion and perhaps even using birth control don't move on. Those things don't appreciate promioscuity nor sexual sickness. All the norms of the bygone era were for a reason. Their passing illustrates how they have made it progressively more difficult as time goes on. This is meant to be educational. Many, especially the young, are unaware. Their presence on the internet makes it a critical medium. This is how the world works. The wealthy were selected for the sucess that they enjoy because they have favor. And the disfavored left behind encounter ever more difficult hurdles on their way to repentance for the sins of their forefathers.

1) Can you please provide examples of "norms from the bygone era" so my readers can better understand the insights you are making?

2) Also, which is your favorite episode of The Simpsons? Mine is the one where Bart goes to work for the Mafia. Or maybe where he sells his soul to Milhouse.

Do you have a favorite episode? Do you like any other TV Shows?

At Sat Feb 25, 11:55:28 PM, Anonymous said...
I would appreciate if you could put the paragraph breaks up at the appropriate places. Please use this updated copy:::::::

You can read the author's revised version of The Mighty Comment here.


elaine said...

holy fuck, I didn't know it was possible to make a comment that long.

Is AMCA a scientologist? It's just the aliens and cloning and general mad a a march hare vibe and... well, the crazy vibe. Yeah, uh that crazy thing.

I'll shut up now.

(except to wonder if there is a deeper alien meaning to my word verification which is zrqejum)

kranki said...

I think AMAC is really Tom Cruise. He was interesting with his wisdom spreading and I'm not sure if it's brilliant like a pet rock or stupid like a pet rock.