Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another Dick with a Gun

Wealthy Bitter Old White Man Accidentally Shot by Wealthier More Bitter White Man

Dick Cheney is out hunting birds.

I think that's just great. He accidentally shot a 78 year old friend of his while they were out hunting. You know how those nimble 78 year old men can just sneak up on you? I can't think of a better use of Dick's time than hunting birds. Perhaps Haliburton has fallen on hard times and big Dick needs to kill his own food.

When there is a War still raging in Iraq, major crisis churning in the Middle East and Nuclear threats from Iran and Korea, a crumbling U.S. economy and unprecedented discord between the United States and the United Nations it's time to take serious political action.... or let's all go out and shoot us up some birds. Why? Cuz it feels good to kill little birds. Personally I sleep better knowing that no quail or pheasant or renegade duck is going to attack me in the middle of the night because our Vice Presiturd is out there keeping me safe. Except, you know, if he shoots a human being instead.

If Cheney wants to assert his manliness, I suggest we make it fair and arm the birds with guns of their own.

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la nadine said...

oh how i wish i'd left this to the experts* to comment on.

oh, and remember how you said everybody should be allowed to kill 6 people in their lifetime?

well, maybe cheney was just attempting his first.

*you and fits.

Jeremy said...

I was going to suggest - with his 1337 marksmanship skillz, wouldn't he do the country more good on the frontlines in Iraq? IT'S FOR THE GOOD OF YOUR COUNTRY, MR CHENEY.

Buck Fudd said...

La Nadine: I don't think this was his first.