Sunday, April 02, 2006

Know the Signs

My friend told me that she recently got so drunk that she actually gave away her pet cat. So I'd like to take a moment to help out all four of my Khronicle Readers.

Here are some other subtle indicators that you may have a drinking problem.

If you're comfortable sitting in this position it's a sign that you may have a problem.

If this image reminds you of your weekend, you may have a problem.

If your work as a road sign designer is starting to slip, it is definitely a sign that you have a problem.

Kindly send me something to make me smile. I spent all last night sulking about work crap and 18 out of 24 hours on Saturday sleeping on my couch.


Jellyfish said...

"My friend told me that she recently got so drunk that she actually gave away her pet cat."

*hysterical laughter*

That is the best first blog sentence EVER.

We knew my friend Annie's mum (age 55) was trashed at New Year's when she tried to ride the neighbours dog. I believe that's what therapists like to call a 'red flag'.

miss pea said...

hahaha. i didn't quite give her away! i just umm... said maybe, and didn't remember a thing in the morning.

BEVIS said...

Well, I guess this makes me Reader # 3, then.

I found this post to be hilarious! Don't go feeling bad about stuff, Kranki - you're brilliantly funny!

I'm going to see if I can send you anything. Not sure what, but I'll have a think.

Just for you.

Chai said...

Let's see... It wasnt an April Fool's joke but a few years ago, there was this multiple choice quiz being sent around that worked out "Are you a Megalomaniac?".
You know 12 questions and the higher the score, the more power hungry you are.
What I did was add another 2 points to all the answers before I forwarded it on.
So instead of finishing in a certain category, you'd finish in a category 2 levels higher.
Let's say it screwed with a few heads.
Hmmm... wasnt as funny as I remembered it, but I assure you, it was very funny then.

kranki said...

I'm pretty sure a verbal maybe is all that is required for a drunken cat transaction. Maybe that's just in California.

Mma Crankypants said...

One morning I woke up with a terrible hangover and no covers on my bed. I spent about half an hour looking for my doona and eventually went outside and found it folded up neatly and placed in the recycle bin. Hmmm 'red flag'?