Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Small Miracle

Dear Baby Jesus,

Ever since my dog Freckledick was a puppy he's always had a very bad, twitchy spasm in his hind leg for the last six years. It was constant and he couldn't put any weight on that leg. I'd sometimes refer to him as the 3 1/2 legged dog. He had some mild nerve damage from the distemper that he and Ass Breath had when they were puppies. They stopped eating and came very close to dying from the disease. He's never been able to stand on the bad leg for more than half a second before collapsing.

Today, while giving him a bath, I noticed the twitch was just gone. Completely gone. He seems to have full strength in both legs. What a nice gift for me and my pup.

Thanks Baby Jesus!

Your fan,

P.S. Could you please send us some money next time you're near a bank machine? We're saving up to move to Australia.


canoe said...

Dear Baby Jesus,
Please give the Krankiboy money. Australia misses him terribly. Also, he's stolen my wife and he needs money to bring her back.

Also, could you do something about George Bush?

Anonymous said...

Kranki: No problem, that damn twitchy spasm thing was starting to irritate even Thou Lord.

Thine dog is a cute dog, and thou shalt have no further complications in this matter.

I shall see what Thou Lord can do about the moolah, but it may prove difficult. Give Thou Lord a few weeks, okay?

Canoe: It shall be Thou Lord's pleasure on both counts.

Anonymous said...

now why didn't y'all come to me in the first place? i can get you homies the money, no questions asked. all ya gotta do is show me the love.

Anonymous said...

Black Baby Jesus: Stop cruisin' for gigs on Thou Lord's turf, dude. Thou art really starting to bust my chops on this one.

kranki said...

Jesus Christ! Can't we all get along like the Jews and the Arabs do? Let's not argue over turf.

Enny said...

Thankyou for fixing the puppies, Jesii