Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Robbie Conversation # 2

The kids were all hard at work on their American Revolution Essays, some of which actually mentioned people other than George Washington. I was grading math homework at my desk. One of the girls comes up to me and shows me a note.

Janelle: Mr. K, Robbie is going around putting this note on people's backs.

I look at the note which reads:

Ingrindients for this body

3% body fat

1% brain activity

96% clueless

Me: Excuse me, Robbie. How is your essay coming along?

Robbie: Well, I had something I had to attend to first. But now I'm seriously thinking about writing something.

Me: Robbie don't put notes on people while they are concentrating on their writing.

Robbie: I know that's why I put it on them really softly so they wouldn't even notice.

Me: Well, we really appreciate that.

Robbie: Am I gonna be in trouble? I don't think I should be because it was pretty funny.

Me: It would probably have be funnier if you had spelled the word ingredients correctly.

Robbie: Man, you're picky. But yeah, I see your point.


Buck Fudd said...

And there should be a colon at the end of the "body". (Hey? Hey? Try that one on him.)

I hope you realise this kid's a genius and you mustn't stifle him? Good man.

kranki said...

I am nurturing him. There are a few jokes he told me on the way home from the field trip that I'm too embarrassed/lazy to post.

kneak is my word verification. That should be a real word. It could mean to sneak up on with the intent to kill. I'm pretty sure I saw it on the old Batman and Robin TV show. Wham! Pow! Thunk! Kneak!

BEVIS said...

Robbie is the future President of the United States.

Or maybe a real job with actual power.

fluffy said...

Bucky: there should be a colon at the end of every "body".

Robbie: going for a job in TV in 20 years.

Count Coonicko(SATIRE) said...

Robbie could be Robin to Kranki's Batman! (word verification "fumbbd")

Quirkie said...

When I grow up I'm gonna marry Robbie.