Thursday, April 13, 2006


Hi, it's me. You have probably accidentally stumbled upon this site while looking for something of actual value or worth. Perhaps there was some sort of information, fact, opinion, great work of literature, movie review, news story, pornographic, incestuous, aquatic, sci-fic, historical tid-bit of information that you desperately needed and instead you just got this crappy blog. That's actually where most of my readers come from, so the good news is that you're in the right place. You found it, congratulations to you.

What's that, you've read the entire post and you're not satisfied? You want your time back? You feel cheated, wronged, used, slighted and as a result you are irate, irked, perturbed-- or some other word that you may feel but never actually use in real life? Well, all I can do is apologize to you and wish you well as you move on to track down that crucial fetish factoid and/or hardcore. I'm just happy to have been a part of your journey. Via con Dios!

Maybe you'd like to tell us why you're here. It might help me understand why I have a blog. Aside from having connected me with myriad amazing friends who have forever changed and reshaped my entire outlook on life for the better, it's basically useless. If this blog were an organ in the body, it would be the appendix. Once needed and now completely unnecessary.

Oh here's a trivia question. Which is the largest organ in the human body?

The answer isn't here, but god I love that guy's outfit.


Enny said...

Ooh! Ooh! SKIN!!! (I learnt that on The Simpsons I think).

And I found you because you were linked to and referenced in a few other blogs I like and you sounded like fun and one time you asked 'Are you Australian?' and the way I read it in my head was like I was a potential opportunity for you to come here and get marrried to so you could live here and I liked that =o)

Jellyfish said...

I owe you approximately 2,000 words worth of an email. I hope you know that I haven't sent it because I've been too mental busy, not because I don't love you. I handed in four assignments this week! And I leave for family holiday in 2 hours! And last night I had to go and watch my brother perform in a male beauty pagent thing! I may never recover!

Talk soon. Really. Have a nice Easter. Be good to yourself and her.*

*Especially her :P

Jellyfish said...

PS - It is the skin, right? And the liver is the biggest internal. Spot the girl researching a health uni for grade fours RIGHT NOW!

How cool is Slim? Best resource ever. I will include him in my assignment now, and get better marks.

kranki said...

Yup, it's the Skin. You stupid smart people. Why does the first guess have to be correct?! Man... At least you learned it on the Simpsons. Bonus points.

Yes Enny and you never answered the question? Will you marry me. There. You made me come right out and say it. *sighs* Oh, wait no. My girlfriend will read this and get mad. As if she's not off proposing to people as I write this. I hope they say no. I like her.

MelbourneGirl said...

question was too easy kranks. don't you know you have smart readers? ask a hard one.

and tell more about the girlfriend please.

love from a nosey-parker


Enny said...

Oh Kranki, if only you hadn't confirmed my suspicions re: sham, it could have been beautiful - however, KrankyPen jus dun have the same ring to it... unless you're furiously tippy-tappying letters to the editor...

Tammiodo said...

i clicked on random links to random blogs from other random blogs. I found some I liked. I check them regularly. Yours is one of them. Now i've started my own. All you blogging strangers in this strange blogging world have inspired me. So thankyou :)

P.S. I miss you when you don't post.
P.P.S. I am not blog-stalking you.
P.P.P.S. I promise i'm really not.

elaine said...

I come because you're funny. Some sort of perverse logic because I'm dead jealous.

Maybe you should ask the Wizard why we come here.

Mr Bonez said...

I come coz you're one hell of a funny dude. Not to mention insane.

Quirkie said...

I come here because I've secretly got a crush on the Wizard. Don't feel bad. I like you for your mind Kranki.

BEVIS said...

I come because I continually click the wrong link and am too dumb to find the 'Back' button on my browser.

I also knew the answer to your question was skin, though. That's not a hard question at all. Even your dumb readers are smarter than that.

Count Coonicko(SATIRE) said...

Surfed in on topic deep throat pissing..was this wrong..?..