Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spam + Poetry

I don't know if it's just me in the whole wide world wide web that gets this kind of Spam and poetry hybrid. I like to think it's just me. I have dubbed the creation Spametry.

Every now and again a few words click nicely together. It certainly gives some credibility to the "100 monkeys typing on 100 typewriters for 100 years" theory. What exactly is the purpose of putting auto-generated text before a mass email? Does it trick Yahoo and let it go right to my inbox? I need some nerdfo on this. It's fun to try and read it like they're the words to a song.


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That my friends is some serious poetry. It's so raw. Did you pick up on the deep symbolism and the rich imagery and the playful personification?

It's a lot like the early Beck song lyrics in this video.


MelbourneGirl said...

do you still need cheering up? this isn't spam but it's a similar thing. it's mangled english, which most often is found in japan. this sample is from the packaging of a skipping rope. it might be from china. and it goes like this, verbatim and with all typographics as per original:

"Body-building Skipping

When people is skipping,the foots jump while the hands swing and the belly cooperating.So the whole body moves coordinately to attain the purpose of building up the body.
The medical science certificates that the foots are the root of the body which gathering six passages and many acupuncture points.Skipping can promote the blood circulation and regulate bodily functions,making the brain being in the exciting condition.It plays a role of clearing the brain and building the body.Skipping frequently.could strengthen the vigor of the brain cells and improve the ability of thinking."

how is your brain condition now kranki? isn't that a beautiful piece of prose?

kranki said...

Melby girl thanks for the manglish prose.

Oh, it reminds me of the shirt that somebody very dear to me owns that was purchased in Japan. I believe that it says "Breeding Skeleton"

Canoe, Jelly?
Are you there, what does it say?

BTW if you say "piece of prose" quickly it sounds like you're saying Pizza Pros. That has nothing to do with much.

sublime-ation said...

oh my god you got it too? I love it, I am considering printing it all out and re-writing it in a handmade handbound paper notebook, and calling it 'My PO PO MO Poetry Journal' or something.

Crritic! said...

Now I'm hurt, Kranki. I thought Jasper wrote poetry for me, his one and only love. Mind you, I had to give him the flick when he began to cast aspersions on the size of my penis.

I call him Jasper Gamble, because that was what he first called himself. This was followed by Thomas Colon and Rosetta Beard, but I wasn't fooled!

You can read my thoughts on the matter at: