Friday, March 17, 2006

He's 2 Legit 2 Quit!

MC Hammer is truly a gentle and poetic soul. Personally, it's a treat and a delight for me to have insight into the thoughts and perspective of the multi-talented artist, actor, director, choreographer, preacher, Mr. MC Hammer. He has the rare ability to remain humble while still celebrating the many wonders of God's bountiful imagination a.k.a LIFE!

As most of you probably know The Krankiboy has been a huge fan of Hammer's work since back when I was shaking my honky rump to his huge hits of the 80's and trying to sort out how to use my skills on the dance floor to charm the loverly ladies.

MC Hammer has been all around the world from London to L.A. He's broken bread with Presidents, Kings and Sultans but he always remembers to keep it real.

Much respect to the man for sharing his inspired words. Each time I listen to this audio blog where Hammer speaks of God I am struck by something new and different. Zone in.

Soak up the audio knowledge here and don't forget to turn it up. Cuz it's Hammertime!

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Anonymous said...

His music hits me so hard, makes me say thank you Lawd for blessin me... The video on his blog is great. Sad, yet somehow also pathetic in a retro-fun way. He should just hang it up and join the Wiggles.