Friday, March 10, 2006

And the Next Coolest Living Mother Fucker is...

When Johnny Cash departed from this ball of dirt and water he left a void.

He was, in my opinion, the coolest mother fucker on Earth. Why, you may ask. Fuck you! That's why. He was.

Now there are two possible replacements that come to mind. First off we have

Jack Nicholson.

Second we have Morgan Freeman.

I'm not sure how this video clip might influence your vote.

Have you got any other suggestions for Coolest Mother Fucker on Earth Nominations?

I want to hear them. Pictures would be nice too.

Let's see some freaking input and comments here people. This isn't some bullshit award, this is for all the brass balls.

Gimme something. All work and no play makes Kranki a dull boy. Polls will be open for one week. So cast your vote.


mindlessmunkey said...

I would like to niminate Lou Reed. I think the pictures speak for themselves:

mindlessmunkey said...

p.s. If niminating him is too much to ask, I will settle for nominating him.

Anonymous said...

How about this guy?

Buck Fudd said...

kranki said...

Munky: I own that exact jacket that Lou Reed has in the first picture.

Remember people, it's an honour just to be niminated.

Bucky: I don't think ewe are taking this competition seriously.

Keep the votes coming in people. Stuff my comment Box! STUFF IT!

apprentice said...

Jack for me, but no-one can replace Cash. I'm amazed when I check out artists' influences on i-tunes, Cash is consistently mentioned by everyone.

Anonymous said...

Keith Richards, when he's conscious.

fluffy said...

I think the world is in agreement that George Clooney can do no wrong.

Anonymous said...

My postal vote goes to..


Buck Fudd said...

I couldn't think of anyone until Fluffy mentioned George Clooney.

David Straithairn wasn't just cool as Ed Murrow, in all the interviews I saw while he and Clooney were promoting GaGL he was very smart, very laid back, never flustered by the knob-ends who questions he had to answer. Also an overt lefty = cool x infinity.

+ 1.

And how about Sam Shepard?

Magical_M said...

Ooooohh! I was racking my brains and couldn't think of anyone till I just noticed Buck's second nomination.

I also vote Sam Shepard.

Coolest muthaf***a in the theatre/film world for sure.

And I'm not just saying that because I'm in one of his plays at the moment...

Magical_M said...

PS - Thanks Buck

Ukulele said...


angela aka miss know it all said...

Larry Hagman. Hands down. Okay, I'm going through a Dallas phase. Okay, it's an obsession.

I guess I have no other nominations. I'm drawing a blank.

kranki said...

Cloney is pretty cool. He's aging nicely and the poor bastard was on The Facts of Life for a season.

He was on 13 failed sitcom pilots. The man has been through the ringer and still has a kind word for the academy. Good vote.

No Morgan Freeman fans? Seven, ShawShank.

Oh, Tim Robbins is pretty cool, no? He laughed at two of my jokes.

Oh, Sean Penn? No?

How about some women, show some respect for the superior gender you dumb bitches.

Clint Eastwood?

I'm on a roll.

kranki said...

Johnny Depp? I know a mother of 50 and her daughter of 10 who both go gah gah if I mention his name.

That's gotta count for something.