Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Land of the Chewy Air

Palm Trees & Movie Stars!

Come and sit on Grandpa Kranki's knee children.

Have you ever wondered what Los Angeles was like? I think visually and attitudinally, if that's a word, that this video gives a good flavor. Yes, there are the occasional Entourage type parties and big fancy houses with swimming pools and there are some cool parts like Los Feliz and Venice but this is the guts of LA and as we all know guts are not always pretty to look at. It's a city for made for cars, not people.

City of Angeles Video


There, now you don't have to visit the land of chewy air. I'll be visiting but it's just because I still have so many great friends down there. It was great to see my favorite married couple this past weekend. I wish you both love and good fortune and a heaping portion of patience and luck with your new retarded* dog. I hope you enjoy the John Tesh: Invitation to Prayer and Worship book and CD I got your for your birthday.

*their words, not mine.

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