Saturday, April 14, 2007

Getting Shiggy with it!

I thank my lucky Lucyrogue (fan, friend, floosie, flapper, fondle fondle) for helping me find another great illustrator. It just shows that being an Internet slut (pronounced networker) can yield you some dividends. In fact almost everything creative I am currently working on has come a result of my trip to Australia. You idiots who don't live there really should consider moving there. They're actually low on young 20's & 30's age people.

Now my kids book Watch Out for Earthlings! is off and running. It is just a small step towards my ultimate goal of controlling the world. No, wait that's Brain's goal (from Pinky and the Brain). My goal is cracking into the animated TV world but not actually having to fucking live in L.... fucking.....A*. to do it. I love the creative collaboration process and I'm excited to have a talented workhorse with a sharp comedic sensibility, as well as a love for sci-fi and adorable aliens.

As you may know (you don't) I have one book The Best Pet For Me that was partly illustrated with Mr. Rocco. He is busy finishing up his animated work on a project called Fluffer and Nutter. I don't think it's as X rated as the title suggests. At any rate I am eager to have him back to finish the book whenever his very busy schedule allows.

The Best Pet For Me

Watch Out For Earthlings!

*Los Angeles, Hellafornia**

**Sorry to my LA friends but I just don't like living on a freeway grid. Come visit me soon.


You've Got What I Need... said...

Finally, the test results are in.

Cloudy said...

Are you saying "The Best Pet For Me" is done and on the way, like bot a publisher and shit? Well done, you.

I still haven't gotten any feedback from you on my "onomatopoea" book, btw.

And now you know who I am...

kranki said...

Ahhh, Cloudy. No Best Pet isn't done yet. My illustrator feels compelled to have it completely done to turn in which is unusual but whatcha gonna do? My bad my bad on the feedback. I'll shoot you some in the next 24 hours. I do declare. I quite liked it but had some problems with the length of it. I'll search for it but I may need you to send it to me again.