Saturday, December 25, 2010

What I've Learned

Nearly every relationship comes to an end. It's what you take away from it that matters.

What I learned:

Don't press forward in a relationship if it feels like one person is more invested than the other person.

Keep the power in the relationship. Don't be passive.

Don't wait around to hear from her.

Trying to do everything right is exhausting.

It's good to end relationships directly, in person, to give the most closure and find out what wasn't working for the other person.

If you suspect you're getting mixed messages - you are. Hit the brakes on feeling smitten.

My gut knows when a relationship is over before my brain does. The stomach is wise.

You can be pro-active end a relationship or find out where it is going. If you act preemptively it makes you feel that you were still in charge and not a passive dumpee.

What I love about women:

Cuddling and watching a movie.

Being able to let my guard down so I can relax and just be myself. (it's been a while)

Holding hands.

Snuggling in bed in the rain.

Walking home after a great night out with friends.

Their smell.

Reading to each other.

Cooking together.

While I hope the new year has an amazing woman coming my way, it's entirely up to me to live passionately without fear, improve my mind and body, follow my goals, and expand my social circle to have the chance to meet new people.

If I can do three of those four things I'll be in great shape and whatever happens will happen. I'm only in control of certain things so it's important to take charge of the things that I can actually can affect.

Write, Exercise, Engage, Expand

Remember when this blog was funny? It was back in early 2006 I believe.

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Chai said...

New woman in the new year? What happened to the woman in the old year?