Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Weekly Wrong #1

The Weekly Wrong # 1... Chelada

This beverage is simply WRONG. It's not a matter of opinion. When you take the juice from a clam, mix it with tomato juice and add that vile combo to beer it's gone beyond bad taste. If I won't drink even a sip of it when I'm dared to do it and offered money you know it's not fit for human or Krankiboy consumption. I like the catchy Spanish name but I'm guessing Chelada translates to evil drink of the unholy sea-devil.

Why not just bottle camel piss and milk? You could tell people that it's a delicacy in Saudi Arabia enjoyed by prosperous sheiks. I'd still rather drink that than juice from a clam and a tomato and a Bud beer. At least the piss would be more flavorful than the Budweiser. Don't ask how I know, it's complicated.

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