Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa Cruz Trip

I had my first visit to Santa Cruz. It wasn't the easiest task driving down there in the pouring rain. I haven't done much driving since I literally let them take my car away. Long story there. Anyway, it was pouring pretty heavy rain down from the heavens and it was night time and I don't have an expired license and it wasn't my car so naturally I was the best choice to drive. Another friend was driving initially but she was scared to go over 45 miles per hour which was pretty unsafe considering the rest of the cars were doing 65 plus. So, I volunteered for the job to ensure that we'd not only arrive promptly but also alive.

I was there at the kind invitation from my friend Casey. She has a lovely place down there just a couple blocks from the beach. That's great if it isn't utterly soggy from two days of almost constant rain. Still it was nice to get out to some fresh air and get a change from the usual San Fran scenery.

The first night we hit up a couple of loungey bars. One cozy and the other plush but spacious and packed with college age kids who did a nice job of making me feel old. Or maybe I did that.

It was good to catch up with Casey and hang out with her other friend Mary. I perfected my entirely original recipe of sauteed brussel sprouts with spicy Cajun butter and garlic breadcrumbs. Yum.

Mary enjoys getting drunk and trying to do foreign accents with me. After a few vodka drinks we started engaging the locals and passed ourselves off and Londoners with a random story of our plans to travel to Yosemite and see Alcatraz. It seemed funny at the time.

We got a ride back to the city with a guy that wanted to give Casey a job at his company. He enjoyed the fact that we were hungover and got excited at the possibility that Mary almost had him pull over so she could puke.

He was way to awake at 8:30 in the morning and also caffeinated. In my groggy state I think we accidentally sexually harassed Casey when we asked her if she needed her chicken cutlets pounded.

This is such a random blogging. It's about as disjointed as I feel after one Vodka Kamikaze on the rocks too many.

Oh, and I bought a super soft plush body pillow at Costco. To amuse the girls I named her Brenda and spoke to her in soft sweet tones uttering things like, "Brenda, you complete me." It's good to get in touch with your inner dork from time to time as long as it doesn't get to this.

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