Thursday, December 09, 2010

Weird Night of Rock and Readings

I went to a friend's reading which was at a tiny bookstore. Apparently this bookstore is the social gathering for some semi-homeless very old dudes. It was one of the smallest spaces I've ever seen musicians cram into. My kitchen is spacious in comparison to this place. Here is a breakdown of some of the things that went down.

1 - It was the firs time in many months that I met this yoga babe that gave me a heart bruise when she told me she was too busy fuckin' around to date me. I was quite apathetic to her being there. That's a good thing.

2 - There was a rock and roll band there but behind them was a lady intently browsing the book shelves.

3 - I bought wine with my friend and nobody gave us a damn thing. Cheapfranciscians.

4 - AP read her best OK cupid messages from creepy dudes and made us laugh a LOT. Amazing.

5 - Another band was playing and I recognized the chick with the afro who was the lead singer, but she didn't remember the drunk conversation or the name of my friend that she hooked up with a few times. Skanky or just rock star? You judge. My friend described her as having "Sideshow Bob hair." I almost spit out my wine.

6 - Who cares, nobody reads this and I need to sleep.

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