Saturday, September 19, 2009

Life Coasting

While there a about 47 things I need to take care of from haircut to new phone purchasing to finding a dentist I am consistently able to do none of them. I'm so good at it that it might actually be a skill. I think I'll call it Life Coasting. It also involves lots of keeping yourself busy doing nothing that moves you forward with your life goals. So given the options of going out for a couple of beers or finishing the next chapter in the book you started you would obviously go for the beers... every time.

I'd just say that I'm lazy, but I'm not a lazy person at all. When I get into doing something I work hard at it. I don't cut corners at my job even though it would be very easy to do.

There are just so many shiny social distractions gleaming at me every day and night of the week that doing anything but Life Coasting would be downright adult. I'm hoping to change it up so that I'm only spending part time in Never Never Land and part time in Gets Shit Done Town.

And now a random offensiveish photo I found on the net.

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