Thursday, September 17, 2009

Keep it Swayze!

Keep it Swayze! That's my new way to say good-bye to people.

It stemmed from the idea of using Swayze as an adjective.

It's almost like swanky and crazy combined.

Here, I'll use it in a sample sentence.

"After we met those hot, coke-fiend girls at the house party the night got particularly Swazye."

I genuinely think the late actor would have appreciated the homage.

As a guy named Ritik pointed out, the term Swayze could be used to describe anything that was Swayzelike. This could include dirty dancing, robbing a bank with an ExPresident mask on, skydiving, or simply stiching up your own wound.

R.I.P. Patrick. You were at times cheezy, but mostly you were a cool fuckin' dude.

Y'all keep it Swayze now!



Ritik said...

I always keeps it Swayze.

meva said...

I aspire to Swayze, but I'm generally just Keanu-lite.