Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hi Elaine!

Hi Elaine the Pirate!

How's your weekend going so far? I had a pleasant but no sparks date with a nice, mature, stylish woman but the chemistry only really extended to the conversation and it wasn't one of those "I'd like to suck her face" connections. I tend to think that if it's not all the way there that it's much neater not to try and squeeze sexy from a stone even if the stone is a lovely person whose company you enjoy. Definitely one to place in the 'Friend' file, rather than the 'Naked Fun' file.

In the past I was worried that people I know would read my blog and make judgments about me but now that I have a more cozy and 'select' readership I'm going to say fuck it and just write whatever I damn well please once again.

My energy towards dating is really starting to wane so I'm sure the blogs will get progressively more amusing, more bitter and more kranki. It's just lovely to have a written record that my grandchildren will one day be able to treasure and read aloud to their children at Christmas time.

I'm still thinking about the space suit. You see, Joe, Elaine is a talented and crafty lady. I'm still doing a mental cost benefit analysis of having a handmade semi-personalized spaceman outfit and just what such a delightful garment should look like. It will at the very least be useful if I decide to alienate my friends and family and dedicate myself to roaming the greasy, city streets. It will make it far easier for the San Francisco locals in my hood to both nickname and identify "Crazy Spaceman Dood."

Talk to you later, Elaine.

hugs and such,



Joe said...

Are you serious, man? A freaking SPACE SUIT? That's marriage material right there. Your standards are way too high.

Let it be known that I will henceforth be battling on the side of the not-immediately-sexy-but-intellectually-stimulating woman.

Looking forward to your further exploits.

Enny said...

DO IT!! :o)

elaine said...

Hi Kranki!

I had a pretty good weekend, thanks. Some nice breakfasts and a party on Saturday night. I forgot to be on the lookout for single men. In twitterspeak, I'd label this #datingfail. I'm just too ambivalent about dating at the moment, I guess. Sunday I spent making a pair of tailored trousers.

I know what you mean about putting people in the 'Friend' file. Sometimes, in theory, the person is great but if you don't wanna play with their naked bits you can't force yourself.

I saw this pattern for a 12ft knitted headstone cosy this morning. People do weird and crazy stuff with crafts.

Hi Joe, nice to meet you.

much love,