Sunday, September 06, 2009

Effort, Fear & Sandwiches

Is it inherently more worthwhile to do something difficult than it is to do something easy?

Does it matter if nobody else notices that you did something difficult or does it only matter what you think about your own abilities?

Is doing for others that you don't know altruistic and unselfish or just stupid?

If you're afraid to do something, does that indicate that you should do it to grow as a human being?

Why build anything that you yourself won't live to enjoy?

Does a sandwich taste better if you have to wait in line for an hour before you get it?


elaine said...

the second.
depends on what you're doing and why.
not necessarily (i'm scared of bungee jumping and don't believe that doing it will make me grow as a person).
because you enjoy building things. no (give up and go eat something else, sandwiches are over-rated).

thank you, my invoice is in the mail.

big questions, kranks. I like the one about building.

kranki said...

just to play devils advocate... don't you think your overall confidence would improve if you did face your bungee jumping fear? Would you not be able to grow after facing such a challenge and carry that attitude with you in life?

I think you're right about the building question. Too often we look at the produce and devalue the process.

Actually the sandwich was pretty life-changing.