Sunday, August 06, 2006


I have attempted to modify the blog name for accuracy and veracity.

Please don't confuse the Anti-social Asshole Anecdotes with the Automobile Association of America. If you are stuck on the roadside and need help. I'm probably not the best person to call upon.

I notice the change from Krankiboy Khronicles to Anti-social Asshole Anecdotes has not actually happened despite attempts. Perhaps there is a profanity blocker on blog names. Stupid fucking Bloggerfucker.


davethescot said...

Hey mister, good to hear from you. I still await a cd in return from you plus any comments on the cd i labored over for you, (please note yankee spelling of laboured) see that's how much respect I have for you. E-mail for new home address, plus we have a spare room if you need to crash.
Where was the anecdote? False Advertising young man.

kranki said...

A CD in return that's a fine idea. I will get cracking on one. I'll try to find some obscure stuff that you might not have already heard. Wish me luck.

CD comments: It's probably the best Mix I have ever received. It was so good they should make a movie just to go with your sound track. It would be an Australian Version of Garden State.

I especially dug:

The Dan Kelly, the Dallas Crane lick entitled Sit On Knee, Sleepy Jackson.

I also liked The Sailors. They reminded me of a mix between King Missle and Death Cab for Cutie.

Cattle and Cane and the Mia Dyson song were the only tunes that sounded pretty run-of-the-mill familiar.

I had a question. The song I See Red. Does that refer to red mist? To us seppos to "see red" means to get angry.

Oh and I am in love with the lass that sings vocals for Frente. I need a picture of her for my shrine.

kranki said...

and where is your new place? It sounds comfy and very crashable. I will bring the Malasian twins around to play. Do you have a video camera? I know you already have a tripod.