Friday, July 07, 2006

Another Paranoid American?

It's not paranoia if someone is actually after you.

Poor Dave

read this

Came across this for anybody interested. Scary scary shit. If it is fiction then it's good writing. And if it's not, the world isn't going to hell, we're already there.

I embrace the fact that Chappelle has been able to point out the absuridity of racism with his brand of humor and have always been a fan of his. If I'm killed in my home you'll know that it was Oprah that did it.

Scientology, The Christian Right, The Black Crusaders it's all too much to take. The Nation is continuing to rapidly divide into the rich and the poor and this consolidation of power creates an underclass. Shades of the French Revolution.

All this evil evil crap from cause for war fabrication to get you and your friends rich to crushing the first ammendment rights that made our country great because some wealthy person thinks that they know better. It's all being done with good intentions.

I hate so many of the changes that the Post Clinton years have brought about and it's only getting worse. Big Brother is watching AND listening. Go back to the distractions that keep you ignorant and embrace the Matrix of delusion.


Enny said...

... whoah...

davethescot said...

Hmmmm, very interesting. If I remember rightly when Richard Pryor was at the height of his powers he did a sketch were he related Bill Cosby phoning him to castigate him about his portrayal of the black community and his liberal use of the word 'nigger'. Seems big Bill has upped the ante from those days.