Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mongolian Barbecue and Giant Tortoises

I had some lovely Mongolian BBQ tonight. I left the house and everything. Drove a car... parked it... just like a real grown-up.

As I was eating the amazing food I was thinking about Genghis Khan the ruthless Mongol invader and wondering what prompts a man to go out and lead armies in the slaughter of other human beings when he could instead just enjoy a nice marinated juicy steak with some kimchi and an icey Coca-Cola

I suppose Genghis was intent on spreading the love of BBQ as far east as he could. A noble goal.

I also bought a book yesterday with a fact in it that blew my mind.

A tortoise was presented to Captain Kidd in 1770. This tortoise lived from 1770 until 1965. That is from the Revolutionary War all the way to the Vietnam War. From the birth of Beethoven to Bob Marley's first billboard hit.

That unravels my brain.

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Buck Fudd said...

There was a tortoise that lived in Queensland that was supposedly one of the ones Charles Darwin took from the Galapagos in 1835. She died six weeks ago. Sadly she had to spend the last 20 years putting up with Steve Irwin.