Friday, August 11, 2006

Bumper Stickers

I was on my way back from Northern California today. While driving along the Pacific Coast Highway I saw hundreds of bumper stickers adorning cars and trucks. Here are just 4 of my favorites with some comments.

1) If you can read this then you can probably also smell the FART I just made for you. Stop Tailgating Me!

I truly hate people who drive so close to me that they make my ass itch. This bumper sticker is pro-safe driving and a bit low brow. I approve.

2) GOD was my Co-Pilot... but we crashed in the Andes and I was forced to eat him.

This one shows a blatant disgust for organized religion's pushy preachy attitude. Two thumbs up!

3) Shaving is behaving! Take a Razor to your Bush.

It's playful, slightly dirty, political, and it rhymes. I approve.

4) I Love Porn

Simple, brave, and refreshingly honest. Kudos to you sir.

Have you seen any good bumper stickers? Share.


Buck Fudd said...

GOD was my Co-Pilot... but we crashed in the Andes and I was forced to eat him.

Well, that is the Christian thing to do.

I wish my god was a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine, but I think he's actually a stale pizza crust and half a can of warm beer with a cigarette butt in it. But I have faith.

Buck Fudd said...

I can't go past the Darwin Fish - a christian fish symbol with a pair of legs and the word "Darwin" inside it instead of "Jesus". Brilliant.

Enny said...

I'm considering going to the sticker shop to get the fart joke one made up for me!

Sara said...

My two all time favs:

"A fool and his money are soon partying"

"I'm pro-accordeon and I vote"

(obviously a sarcastic take on the age-old pro-choice/ pro-life it, love it, love it!)

davethescot said...

Apparently this one is popular in the lone star state.

"A Village In Texas Is Missing It's Idiot"

I like it.

kranki said...

Bucky I suppose you are correct. cannibalism is encouraged by Christianity.

I'm not only gonna love my neighbor... I'm gonna eat her.

Tuppence said...

"Rack off and die, lefty scum".

I asked the Young Lib if he had any more, but sadly, he was all out.

cuntman said...

A couple of common examples around here are:
I fish and I vote
I shoot and I vote

My favourite is:

I like stickers and I vote

A close second was:

(Insert name of commercial FM radio station) rocks your miserable life

MelbourneGirl said...

the best ever bumper sticker i saw was:


very, very true.

BEVIS said...

"I hate bumper stickers"

(Hello, you.)

lula said...

if you don't like my driving, dial 1800-suck-shit