Friday, April 10, 2009

Slack Hack

It's been hard to get back into being a writer again. I still have all the ideas but the desire to actually sit down and write seems to be somewhat lost. I think all the Face Booking and emailing I do with my friends and other strange acquaintances saps some of my time and energy that I once reserved for writing. I think collaboration will be my salvation. I always enjoyed being a part of a group that brainstormed up ideas together so it had an instantaneous quality to it and allowed me to get feedback and laugh. That's true but it's also a cop out because I used to blog regularly and that was all on my ownsome lonesome. Maybe it's the strange brain chemistry and how the items I ingest affect my brain chemistry. I wonder if there is a writers diet I could eat.

Trying to dig back into writing reminds me a bit of going back to the gym after slacking for months and losing your muscle tone. It's not the fun experience that releases endorphins that it once was. It's just work.

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