Monday, April 27, 2009

My New Hero

So I was out at the skate park near my house on Sunday when my new hero rolled onto the scene. He was a diaper-clad little fellow with just two years of life under his belt.

He was there with his dad getting some skateboarding lessons.
His father would give him a good push to get him going and he was off.

It's pretty impressive considering I'd fall on a curve like that.

He's going to have some good innate balance. Maybe he's the next Tiger Woods of skateboarding.

Mostly he was just incredibly cute. The skateboard looked almost as large as a surfboard in his arms.

He and his dad, Jonathan, were at it for over an hour and he was totally into it the entire time. The best was watching him stand between his dad's legs so he could go for a full speed ride whipping up and around the curves.

I wish I'd had a dad growing up. Especially one that took me skateboarding. It was still a very life-affirming sight to see this young father taking such care and showing patience with his little boy.

Maybe I need to marry a black woman just so I can have a son with a cool fro.