Monday, April 13, 2009

Californication Connections

I've come to the conclusion that I have been too guarded in what I write and I need to get back to not giving a shit. Here goes.

So I was watching Californication the Showtime series with David Duchovny and was really enjoying it and aside from the fact that his character Hank Moody has a 12 year old (which I don't) and is a semi-famous novelist who smokes (I ain't) and is much better looking than I am (though I have a better nose) and hooks up with super, hot women constantly (I sometimes do if fate smiles on me) and he is having severe and ongoing writers block (mine is just becoming severe. Plus blogs don't count unless they make them into a book) he is almost living my life if I was still living in Los Angeles instead of San Francisco. So I really related to his character. He often talks about getting "pointless pussy." He also does things like punch dudes unconscious, which I have never done unless you count fourth grade when that big special ed (retarded kid with anger issues) grabbed me and I hit him with my elbow and knocked him down and bloodied his nose. I had some anger issues of my own when I was little. It all goes with not having a father anywhere in your life and being completely pissed off and not in touch with that rage. So sometimes it came out and was used for good and other times I'd go all Krankiboy baby Hulk and do some damage to a less deserving individual such as the kid I brained with a chair... okay two kids on two occasions, and the kid I hit with a rock, and that hooker I killed in Scranton a few weeks ago. Sometimes the wrong person just crosses your path in the wrong way at the wrong time and they pay the price. I don't think I would have lasted very long in the Old West. Either that or I'd have a legend. Kranki the chair swingingest, rock chuckingest, whore killer. Feared by the good working folk of Scranton. Nowadays I'm a pretty gentle, sweet-heart of a guy who nurtures plants, dogs and children on a regular basis. I like being a sweet guy but there are still times when it would be great to be able to pop a guy in the mouth for being a complete jackhole misogynist to a female friend. The unfortunate thing is that chivalry is also a good way to get shot or get the crap beaten out of you. I don't really know where I'm going with this ramble right now but I do know that I do have to catch a flight back to Scranton in less than an hour. I have to deal with a loose end of a pimp that happened to observe a bit more than he should have.

Oh right, I was supposed to stop giving a crap and get back to the inner Krankiness that catapulted me to blog mediocrity and massive fame*.

* On certain computers in Melbourne, even fewer in Sydney and for one cool dude in Africa.

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sophistikfool said...

you just knocked me out. In the way I like... x