Sunday, February 25, 2007

Is the Internet God?

Sherriff said...

Okay, but ten years ago someone might have described this internerd business thusly: There's this thing that goes all around the world see, but it doesn't exist see, but it's everywhere but nowhere, and you can ask it anything, and it knows everything, and it's not God, and you use your fingers to talk to it. And it has naked ladies. That's sort of futuristic innit? Sheee-it.

okay, i want the orgasm pill too.

NO, WAIT! The Internet IS GOD.

Maybe we're all religious and worshipping the Internet. I never considered myself to be religious but the Internet is truly an awesome god to whom I pay homage. I have to digest that concept of the Internet as God. If anybody tampered with it I'd be personally hurt. However unlike an actual God ours is serviced by IT people. Although I guess God could have IT people service him if he wanted. I'm genuinely taken aback. Sheriff has shown me the light. I've had a semiepiphany... *ponders*

*returns* NO, WAIT! The Internet IS GOD. It is something that I rely on, something that creates a community. Everybody is striving for a faster connection so that they can be closer to God.
It falls into the Shinto belief that God is alive inside all of us (who have computers). I sure as hell pay homage to it and revere it. I face my computer more times a day than any hard core Islamic faces Mecca.

It gives me a whole fucking mess of messages. It's all knowing. I should simply work backwards and start with deductive reasoning.

Why is the Internet not God? I can't think of anything about the Internet that is ungodly. Can any other worshippers out there who get this holy message think of a way in which the Internet is not God?

Kneel down before me for I am all knowing, and I offer porn.


( ) said...

I completely agree. Kudos.

An athiest said...

Therefore, I believe in god?

Anonymous said...

Where is your humility?

Your point of view would hAve more.
credibility if it were seasoned with a bit of humility.