Friday, February 23, 2007

Fanmail Friday

Just like Oprah, Jon Stewart and Ms. Fits I too get my share of fan mail.

Let's take a peek and see which email I pluck from the bunch today.

Ennie, meany, miney, moe... catch a redneck by the toe, feed him bleach and let him go.

Got one.

Cory Soldwisch wrote:
Do not attempt to have a battle of wits with Neal Boortz if you're unarmed.
I pray that the children you teach recognize what an incompetent you are and place your opinions down there with the excrement they wipe from their shoes. Hide your face in shame you fool! Long live Neal Boortz!

Well, that one was not as positive as they normally are. I'll get another.

peter weiss wrote:
my, my! If you are an educator then where is your open mind? It seem that you were just spewing political vitriolic diatribe to hear yourself speak. There was no dialogue nor was there a valid point in your e-mail. You showed how myopic you are. One then can assume why you are a teacher. You cannot do much else. It is not difficult to explain a lesson plan that the administration tells to.
By the bye, all one had to do was graduate high school to become a teacher 100 years ago. This was when we had our Edisons and Freuds and Einsteins. How many kids do you "teach" can make change working as a cashier without using a calculator or having the register perform this task for them? Not many, I see this every day. So much for our education system.

You know what... I don't think this Friday Fanmail thing is working out that well.

But because these gents got their email posted they automatically win a year supply of Email SPAM!

Please help me out and sign & up for some porn sights so they can do something to releive their tension. I'm thinking they would like some Asian Anal Action.


starlet said...

so they sent you 178 emails and left no comments on your blog at all? nice.

kranki said...

yup starlet. They did. I don't think they knew to look for my blog they just had my email. Man of the conservatives really seem to hate Unions and teachers.

kranki said...


Azazelo said...

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