Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fun with FOX NEWS

It seems I have gained the attention of some of the conservatives at FOX NEWS. I've been published on a right wing website.

Let us all join hands and dance!

Here is what the Neal Boortz site said about me. I'd never heard of the man before yesterday.

Now here's an email from Matt. Matt must have seen me on TV during the last few days. [
video of Neal on Hannity & Colmes] I want you to notice what an incredible job Matt does of refuting the positions I put forth. Matt was probably captain of his debate team. Matt probably thinks that debate is the stuff you put on de hook. Wait! Matt's a teacher! Well that explains a lot! Why he can't spell my name correctly, for instance."

Subject: Neil's Wisdom

Name: Matt


Neil: From your perspective I can certainly see how educated children would be detrimental to your way of life. Who will be there to watch your shows? You remind me of an ant trying to push a giant piece of crap (your thoughts) uphill. The difference is that your excrement is smeared all over my TV set.
No offense to ants for the comparison to the lower life form.

If we teachers should decide to make a nuclear weapon we'll send it your way so you can give us your opinion on it.

I got some friendly emails from his fans. Two of the 178 emails I received were well thought out and grammatically correct.

I sent this reply to all 178 (and counting) people who were kind enough to email me their best wishes.
I agree that the Teachers Unions have problems. It was the absurd and uncalled for comparison that Boortz made between teachers and terrorists that prompted me to make my own highly juvenile, inane, and intentionally offensive comparison.

I don't think Boortz is anti-education, but Fox News and Boortz and Hannity in particular have such little regard for facts or anything constructive that I'm just at a loss to try to reason logically with much of what they have to say.

Dear You,

I like to try and see all sides of an issue which is the only reason I will tune in to Fox News. I'm disappointed in the move from news as a whole moving from information to infotainment for the sake of ratings. It really isn't even news. It's degenerated to a who can yell their opinion most often and loudest contest. It should have a title other than "news" because it's mislabeled. It could be Political and Current Events commentary.

Programs such as Left, Right, and Center at least have an element of restraint. The hosts and guests normally make a concerted effort to be rational and cordial. I think that I most object to the manner in which Fox News delivers their opinions as if they are facts. Those people that use it as a primary source of news become polarized against the other side of the political spectrum. The swarm of uninformed liberal idiots who just watch the Daily Show for their main source of news. The end result is a polarization of thought which, in my opinion, has been detrimental to the country and exploited successfully by the Bush Administration to gain the Oval Office.

Edward R. Murrow would have an aneurysm if he were here to see where news has gone. The end result seems to be a dissolution of any sense of unity and common interests among Americans. The importance of responsibility and credibility in the news has been replaced with ratings and rantings. That's just my opinion. Thanks for taking the time to read it.


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Cloudy said...

Wow, Mr. Krankiboy, you're all smart and thing. Nice job, well put.

Did you forward the emails to Neal (sic)? I think he'd like to know that his fans are defending him in such heartening numbers.