Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Soccer Seer

During the last week of school the kids were very caught up in the World Cup.
Some were terribly well-informed on the details of the game.

I'm not all that up on my World Cup Football so I asked a few questions from a young man I will call "The Soccer Seer." The 11-year-old Seer is not related to The Wizard by the way. The Wizard was recently extradited to Jamaica and is currently working through some child support issues with several of his common-law wives.

Mind you this conversation happened 2 weeks ago.

Me: So, does Italy have a good team?

The Seer: Well Mr. Kranki, I'd like to say yes, but they are well known for faking injuries to draw penalties and I lose respect for any team that plays that way.

Me: So they cheat?

The Seer: If you consider bribing referees on a regular basis and flopping like they are sensitive little girls instead of professional athletes to be cheating then yes.

I didn't get to talk to him much about the Australian team but he did say that they were a gutty group of players with a good team balance.

The Seer: Look for Brazil and Argentina in the Finals. Look for the United States to be sent packing early. England also has an outside shot if they can avoid red cards.

You heard it here first. Of course I don't have a TV so somebody tell me if he's correct.

I rely on listening to 103.1 and Steve Jones (formerly of the Sex Pistols) He has a show called Jonsie's Jukebox that provides me with most of my sports information.

Go obscure underdog team that nobody thought would make it this far in the World Cup!!! I've always liked those guys.


elaine said...

*cries into gin*

davethescot said...

Quite the clairvoyant, the soccer seer.That Mark Viduka is a gutty player, you would not want to be at a buffet with him and Ronaldo. The Soccer seer neglected to mention the host country (don't mention the war), the hosts tend to do traditionaly well at these types of things. But I would imagine they will bow out to the mighty magic of the argentines and their three mini maradonnas (another gutty player). On another note, did you get the cd i sent you?
Hope you are well.

canoe said...

Who in their right mind would choose to be a referee? Evil little man he was. Now I have nowhere to channel all my new found nationalistic feeling. Apart from a pub brawl. On second thoughts, Elaine, pass the gin.

Quirkie said...

How can you have 85,000 visitors to your blog? Are you making that up? I mean, not that you aren't COMPLETELY deserving of such high patronage.

You are.

But I thought it was just, you know, us?

Are you even American? Maybe you're some 58 year old rum farmer from Bundaberg. I don't know what to believe anymore.

Pass the gin.

thr said...


Did the seer announce that the US were going home early a few weeks ago? ...or after they got off the plane the other day, having indeed been sent home early.

I'm just concerned the seer is actually simply a gifted reader of the internet World Cup website.


elaine said...

*passes gin 'round*



MelbourneGirl said...

[mg wraps arms around elaine and quirkie, but politely refuses gin. it makes her cry and she hasn't stobbed sobbing since early tuesday]

[wants to start singing soccaroo rap song but can't remember how it starts]

your sheer ish perhapsh the mosht brilliant, italiansh are the besht fakersh? you should have sheen the performansh that gave them the goal againsht australia.

[is slurring because while she refused gin, has been drinking vodka solidly since monday night]

kranki said...

Ah... good old vodka. A friend to many.

Anonymous said...

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