Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pink Slip Video

Why haven't you been posting Krankiboy? Well, I was clinically depressed, busy and working like mad and decided to cut off most contact with the outside world which oddly didn't actually help. But then I had to put that plan aside as I felt morally obligated to share this video?

So many questions.


la nadine said...



daniel said...

Hello from me too.

Sorry that you've not been feeling so hot.

*manly hugs*

Enny said...

I'm glad you're back - please stay?

snaz said...

Watching that video, I thought I was trapped in one of the lower circles of hell.

Trust you to return in style.

BEVIS said...

Suck it up, bitch.

Not really. Feel better soon.

davethescot said...

Hey meeesteer, time long you no see, you likeee the cd, much think and worked into it. xxxx

Buck Fudd said...

No, doesn't help, does it?

Stay well, man.

*waves, manly hugs and xxxx*

Chai said...

Chin(s) up dude... Eat lots of vegies and chocolate, that usually helps take ones mind off stuff.
*gently punches shoulder*
On the brighter side, am visiting the folks next week. Now, that would be yet another reason to be depressed.

Quirkie said...

Sorry you're feeling bad.

But, I say, while you're there, indulge it. Do exactly what you want. Stay in bed, hide, drink too much, vomit, do this repeatedly, feel bad about yourself, assume the worst about yourself, you know, really indulge. Consider suicide for two reasons: 1) because you figure the world would be better off without you, and 2) because you figure the world ought to pay for having such a crappy attitude. But do pull back just before you actually do it.

There really is too much good stuff to miss.

Quirkie said...

And what's with my picture? sheesh. I didn't do that.

Sherriff said...

At least she's down with periods by the end of the video.

I like how you were searching "retarded" on youtube.

Also. X

ms fits said...

Those trainables videos made my life menstruate.