Monday, January 30, 2006

Maybe She's Dead

When simultaneously going through a marital breakup and beginning a long distance relationship at the same time, I've found that it helps to surround yourself with a classroom of rude, loud 4th graders. It's very soothing to the soul.

I introduced myself to the class and the first two comments were not what you usually get from 9 year olds. Normally they do a half-assed "good morning Mr. Blah Blah" in unison, or stare blankly at you like sedated mice. This time I was first asked "Mr. Kranki are you in the military?" Then one of the kids commented that their regular teacher was probably dead or something. I explained that the teacher's father had passed away and would be back in a few days. The kid said that he knew that but he just didn't like his other teacher very much so he was just kinda hoping.

It's been a long week so far and it's just be one day. Include me in your prayers my righteous brethren. Now I lay me down to sleep... I haven't decided if I want the lord to take my soul or leave it a while longer so the other earthlinks can continue to beat on it like a naughty pinata. If I should die before I wake I pray that there are cold, refreshing beverages in hell.

It's not really all that bad, but who comes here to read happy news?

This post not spellchecked to protest the inhumane slaughter of innocent_______________ (fill in the blank)

Please send me something pretty.


Buck Fudd said...

Oh dear. Will send you nice children's book very soon. Stay strong.

Zoe said...

Something like this?

BEVIS said...

Ha! I can't top Zoe's present, so I won't try.

Tuppence said...

Be happy, Mr Kranki.


Buck Fudd said...

Check your email for a tasty arborous surprise.

SenseCollider said...

how come I have no link from here???!!! I granted you one as soon as U asked. UNGREATFUL... PFT!

Anonymous said...

Maybe... the old teacher had a "tooma"


la nadine said...

are you back yet?



well hurry the fuck up and get your boney ass back here already then.

oh, and i choose to believe you're lack of spellchecking is in protest against the inhumane slaughter of fashion by lil' kim.