Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Woman in Need

This is an email that my friend sent me. I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed to be included in this group email. This is one of the strangest requests I've had in a long time.

"Here's your random e-mail of the day- I need a donkey for a shoot. Do you know anyone who has a donkey (actually anyone who has horses is a good start- they usually know people w/ donkeys) in the Greater Los Angeles Area? Please let me know of any little friend of a friend lead you have, and feel free to forward this email.


- Shannon"

Dear Shannon

My usual donkey supply dude got pinched by the Bureau of Fish and Wildlife. I suggest you call the LA Zoo or some kids birthday places.

I hope you quell your fetish demons soon. I had no idea that the snuff film audiences had become so sophisticated in their tastes.




Quirkie said...

I guess she could have asked for a turkey.

Evening, Bevis.

Quirkie said...

Hey, I just noticed the time difference! Are you back home? Or is your watch just wrong?

BEVIS said...

Quirkie, don't make an ass of yourself.

The blog has always been on LA time.

fluffy said...

Cut it out you two! I'm feeling a little hoarse.

BEVIS said...

Did you think I was going to stop at one? Neigh, my child. I am the mane man, and I'm chomping on the bit to gallop into more and more bad puns! C'mon, sugar! You're hot-to-trot, aren't you? Let's ride! Pop open a decanter of wine and we'll hi-tail it out of here. Hay? What do you say? (Barley, oats, saddle, crop, jodpurs, etc.)

sublime-ation said...

*he-haw, he-haw*

BEVIS said...

I'm going to pretend I'm wearing blinkers and didn't see that sarcastic laughter, Sublime-ation.

Buck Fudd said...

You'll just have to accept it with equinimity, Bevis.