Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Don't post while u're drunk

I just joined myspace and so far nobody has tried to touch my penis. I'll give it another ten minutes then I'm going to bed. (Hot!)


fluffy said...

Where the link then? I want to see your pretty picture.

SenseCollider said...

u drunk? I'm still foolish, with another name and another blog... Please come see me, even when you're drunk, I won't touch your penis

Buck Fudd said...

bye bye


ms fits said...

I miss you already. x

BEVIS said...

I never met you, but it's still very sad that you died.

(Or is everyone just talking about you leaving the country? ... I'm so embarrassed.)

Peter said...


Thanks for the fun over the past few weeks.

I am delighted you:

a. Called me totally out of the blue for Meredith.
b. Let me wear your fairy lights.
c. Gave me numerous man-hugs, Full House-style.
d. Introduced me to the phrase "let me cure you with my sex".
e. Introduced me to Ms Fits. I've barely been able to get our thrilling encounter out of my head.

See you back here soon.

Sherriff said...

I am delighted you:

Scrawled "I'm Mysterious" in pen on my wall.

Told me AFTER we took a**d, "I've been told I should NEVER EVER TAKE THIS"

Pashed my girl.

Took my wristband.

Made me cry.

Hurry the fuck back.

sublime-ation said...

I swear I saw Kranki in Piedimonte's last night. Or am I just imagining things?

sorry, I'm a tad overexcited from Saturday, I'm hallucinating bloggers everywhere.