Friday, July 13, 2012

A Year and Change

Yes, the title is a pun in that it's been a year and a few days since I posted and because my life has undergone quite a bit of change.

Last year this time I didn't own a scooter, I wasn't married and on my honeymoon in a beach in Hawaii.  I hadn't mentioned my lovely band of Inappropriate Update Group(ies)*.  It's been an eventful time.  Might be a good idea to start a new blog for a fresh start.  I also left classroom teaching and am going into business for myself offering classes as afterschool enrichment.  It pays quiet well and hour and I hope I can attract some talented teachers to help me expand the classes that I teach to other schools.  A bit like franchising myself.  I hope it goes well.  I have a sitcom writing project that stalled out and a fun idea for a script on the way back burner.  I also have a side web project that is almost ready (finally) to see the light of day.  It helps track dates with a bit of humor.  There are some interesting broader marketing applications associated with it that my developer friend and I are working on.  I'll have more free time to do things like write, bike ride, do yoga get acupuncture, read books, watch stupid TV shows and all that other stupid shit that people like to do.  Damn, I have a metric fuckton of work to do.  Plus I have a 24 year old wife to keep satisfied.  That's the best kind of exhausting though.  I also have a new apartment.  It's a tiny little crappy place that we're going to fix up now that our hipster roommate is moving out.  It must have been the daily** sounds of loud spanky-hot sex and not taking out the recycling that pushed him out of his 560 dollar a month apartment.  That's almost impossible to find in San Francisco.  Now that he got rid of the "I'll keep this dog in my room for 14 hours at a time when I'm too busy working or playing to be there." He's actually quite fine to live with.  Or maybe know that he's on his way out makes it easier for us all to get along.  At any rate we're going to do our best, to paint and decorate and fix our crappy little place into a small cozy home.  How Mrs Kranki and I didn't kill each other living in basically one medium-sized bedroom after all this time is a testament to a good marriage.  Or just restraint and good make up sex as a reward for getting on each other's nerves.

Tonight I find myself in Maui and while I'm rambling*** all over the place it does feel good to write and I'm going to try and get the rust off by doing it at least once a day.  God damn facebook just eats up my time and I spend it all writing 'witty' comments on other people's photos and updates when I could be working on more fantastic books or trying to publish the ones I've already written.  So many irons on the fire.  I hope my fire is hot enough to heat a few of them up so they boil into something creatively or commercially rewarding.  Preferably both.

* I realize I an NOT the draw of the group just a humble commissioner.  I actually like to call myself a curator of an international inappropriate comedy collective.  That's a lot like a guy who pumps gas calling himself a manual petroleum transport technician.

**It averages once a day.  Sometimes we'll go a whole 48 hours without and make up for it with a marathon.  I get nothing done on those days.

***What can I tell you, dude?  I just fuckin' like to make astrix notations. 


Bongani said...

Good to have you back

Chai said...

So you're on your honeymoon and you decide right now would be a good time time to start blogging again?

Some relationship advice. Get back to pleasing the wife.

kranki said...

Thanks, Bongani. Are you still living in SA? The wife and I were considering it for next summer travel plans. I hear the air fare is expensive but it's got some amazing things to do and see. How is the business of my business minded friend doing? The Wizard sends his best.

kranki said...

Chai, after I have PLEASED my wife 9 or 10 times (her not me) it's the respite of time to myself where I feel like writing and reflecting. Oh man she's giving me that look. Back to 'work'

Chai said...

I think maybe I meant to use the word indulging.

As you were.