Sunday, July 15, 2012


I have a huge silver Jeep.  I drove it down the Hana Highway today.  Did I mention that it's fucking HUGE.  It's like I'm in the military but they forgot to give me my uniform and M16 machine gun.  I will have a hard time giving the thing back to the rental company.  Maybe if I tell them how much I love it I can keep it?  It's big enough to sleep three people in the back.  If my wife sees another attractive hitchhiking young woman (we've seen two already) and insists that we pick her up... We can all go and make sweet delicious... s'mores on a campfire.  Yum.  I'd better go brush my teeth and go to bed now.  I can hardly keep up with Krankiwife*.  Demand has out-paced supply.  Oh the dangers of marrying a beautiful, young, 'energetic' damsel.  Life is good.  The sound of the sea and the upstairs people (I think it's the young housekeeper chick with her boyfriend having some kind of private party.  Two sets of flip flops outside the door.  Hawaiian style. 

Did I mention I have an awesome steel Jeep/Tank named Hank.  Happily lookig forward to jungle adventures tomorrow.  I'm going to hunt down and have my way with a crisp waterfall.

*please note that she's not usually cranki, she's just the wife OF Kranki.  I haven't settled on just the right pseudonym for her. 

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