Monday, June 29, 2009

Peaches & Leaches

There seem to be two categories that friends fall into. There are the Peaches; sweet, inviting and ready to enjoy types of friends that are refreshing, healthy, and good for you.

Then there are the Leaches. The unfortunate friends who want to unrepentantly suck you dry of your life blood, don't give you anything back, don't apologize for being draining and can end up leaving you covered in scars and stricken with hepatitis.


Be kind and caring to the peaches in your life. Nurture them with kindness, sunshine and compassion. Appreciate them for their fine qualities as much as they appreciate you. Don't drop them and give them bruises. Savor them and enjoy their flavor.


Avoid the murky waters that these parasites live in whenever possible. If they get close enough they will attempt to cling to your skin and bleed you. Quickly pull them off before they can fully attach. If they're persistent and prove difficult to tear away then you may have to burn them off. Don't get angry or judge them too harshly. That's just what leaches do.

Note: Peaches sometimes have leaches hiding inside them. Good luck out there.


home exchange said...

OMG. Tell me more! I like your metaphor. Truly. But the peaches with leaches inside? Doesn't everyone have their hidden leach somewhere inside?

chelsea hotel said...

Yep. x

kranki said...

Home exchange is a website. Makes me wonder if it's just a robot that commented on my blog, but that would have to be a sophisticated robot.

Hi SS! Nice to see you here.

shasha said...

A brillant analogy, from a brillant boy...

I just ran into the Kronicles, as I was deleting superfluous e-mail on Halloweem eve 2009.

You posted the Kronicles on the net along with a copy of your grad school grades in 2004-- titled
" Who else am I going to brag to ?"