Saturday, June 27, 2009

Surfin' Berlin

So, I've been getting prepped for my trip to Berlin and I was turned on to a site called CouchSurfers. I'm going to be in Berlin for about 16 days and I hoped to have the chance to meet some locals and learn the best places and grab some unique experiences. I've gotten pretty good with my camera from just shooting around with it so I will hopefully capture some good images.

Unfortunately so far no Berlin folks have been able to host me. I'm sure they get tons of requests to sort through and since I'm not a duo of perky chics that might count against me.

If you blog readers have any Berlin connections I'd be happy to have them. I'll be spending most of my time in a hostel most likely but travel is all about the unique people you get the opportunity to meet. I'm hoping to shoot some of them and get some more practice taking portraits. I have a distinct feeling that there will be no lack of subject matter and photo inspiration in Berlin. The guide books are lovely, but they won't direct me to the underground party scene, let me make dinner in somebody's home or discover somebody's friend's weird band that's playing out on a boat.


bossa said...

I've been to Berlin once but since I was 14 at the time - or so I think - I didn't really get to do the "fun stuff"... meaning I can't give you any recommendations but nevertheless - the people there are really friendly so I reckon you'll have no worries. Besides, in my experience, hostels are usually the best places to find interesting people.

Enjoy your trip!

kranki said...

Thanks bossa. I think I've contacted some soon-to-be friends already.

Thanks for the well-wishing!