Thursday, July 02, 2009

Almost Semi-Famous

I like traveling back to NYC. I have dozens of friends here and when I let them know I'm coming to town it gives me the illusion of having semi-celebrity status. I enjoy the delusion that I fall somewhere between Kobe Bryant and what's his name from that show on the celebrity spectrum. This time I went one step further and had some friends fly from the left coast to meet me. It's always tough to cram in seeing everybody that I want to catch up with. Usually you can tell people "Hey, I'll be at the Blankity Bar on this day at this time. Come soak up my magic and mystery then."

Now however there is The Baby Factor. Some of my friends have these little humans that need to be cared for and they rarely like to bring them out to bars. Then you have your pregnant friends. Pregnant on purpose is certainly better than pregnant in college, but it still makes for a hard sell when trying to entice them join you at bar. Then you try and make drinks into dinner and your poor and alcoholic friends get bent out of shape. It isn't easy trying to make yourself feel more popular than you are so I recommend you either don't try or just take the easier route and be just become rich and famous. Otherwise you'll spend all your vacation time catching up with old friends and no time to do the important things, like, wandering aimlessly about buying random things that you have no room for in your luggage and taking photographs of street art and strange-looking people.