Saturday, March 08, 2008

More About T-Shirts

Last week I wrote about the difficulty of wearing certain kinds of T-shirts with words on them such as this one.
But the idea of wearing a picture of somebody else wearing that shirt opens up an entire new set of possibilities. It changes it from being a statement shirt to a commentary on somebody else's statement.

I don't think I would personally wear a shirt that said "GIANT CUM" but I would probably be up for wearing the shirt above. I don't know that the words on the shirt have any relation to the picture.
Right now I'd like a shirt with a picture of Dubya that says "It's not too late to kill me and my puppet master for shoving that giant piece of rusty metal into your ass." Maybe something a bit more catchy.


Melba said...

sorry i don't get the giant cum thing. is that half a bagel she is putting in her mouth, or some kind of curved penis-shaped thing?

why giant?

why cum?

i leave you with these important questions.

Melba said...






Melba said...

i mean me.

you see, you're out, having a good time and all. i'm at home, leaving messages on your blog.

but listening to the kiss encore at the grand prix, just across the way at the park nevertheless.

Melba said...

KRANKI CAN YOU PLEASE BLOG? it's so embarrassing having only my comments here, and while intended to be ironic about the tediousness thing, it's actually quite tedious.

i look like a huge suck.



at least sublime could say something to help me out here.

kranki said...

For you I will blog on and push your solitary comments into posts of the past.

Pen to the gunfight said...

I think the t-shirt is hot.
it's hilarious and it makes no sense.